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Paul Richter

Designer and Goldsmith
PBR Designs is founded upon my hands-on experience in the age old art of custom, hand crafted, precious metal jewellery. This page describes my experience and sheds light on my beliefs and personality. I named my business PBR after my initials: Paul Benjamin Richter. 

I come from a schooling of tradition in the art of hand crafted, high end jewellery production. I was very fortunate to be offered an apprenticeship under a very skilled Viennese Master Goldsmith.  I derived experience internationally under highly respected mentors in the industry throughout the years.  I have been fortunate to marry my two passions, jewellery design and manufacture, with technology - old school, traditional techniques, combined with current, cutting-edge technology in design processes.  As a goldsmith, I use traditional methods of creating jewellery and have adopted technologies which enable me to help you clearly visualize the design process through computer aided design (CAD) software. I was the first goldsmith to implement this now widely recognized and accepted form of designing in the jewellery industry in Ottawa in 2004. 

I completed my apprenticeship in Pretoria, South Africa, where I became certified as a qualified "precious metal worker and diamond mounter" in 1997,  through the Precious Metal and Industries Training Board of South Africa. I then moved to London, UK, where I worked for a designer of longstanding notability prior to moving to Ottawa in 2001. 

It was always my dream to operate my own studio, creating unique and special pieces of jewellery for people, that would be passed down for generations to come. I take pride in my work and it gives me great joy to see people happy with what I can create for them. 

After working for others in the industry, abroad and here in Ottawa, I decided to open PBR Designs in 2009. I enjoy working alone. I never had a problem working alongside others, but in operating alone I am free to infuse my work with my ideas and creativity. 

When clients decide to work with me, they are talking directly to the person who will be solely responsible for each and every aspect of the project. I discuss your ideas, develop a plan, source the necessary materials, create the design for your approval and discussion, and then, I proceed create the piece. There is no "middleman", and thus, very little left to chance in terms of miscommunication or confusion. This greatly diminishes the possibility of disappointment. I take every project very seriously. Each piece I create that leaves with a client carries my name with it. Therefore, I infuse a great deal of attention and pride into each piece. As a result of being solely responsible for every aspect of the process, I have no ability to defer blame if there is a problem or an issue. Because of this, I go to meticulous lengths to ensure that everything is done to the highest standard possible, in order to minimize the possibility of having to deal with a problem or mistake. I take the process and the outcome very personally. 

I am a father of two boys and, simply stated, a very down-to-earth person. My workshop is small and utilitarian. Due to the nature of the hands-on work process, I wear an apron and get my hands dirty.  I don't dress to impress my clients; instead I aim to impress them with my work. Most clients that have worked with me will tell you that I develop a relationship with them. I accept people for who they are and I enjoy the process of developing a friendship wherever it develops naturally - which is very often. 

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