The Process of Creating your Engagement Ring
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The Process of Creating your Engagement Ring

Each and every engagement ring is custom designed and manufactured to your specifications, taste, and budget. If you have an idea of what style of ring you are in the market for, I can help you to develop this idea and customize it, to create the ring that your fiancée will love at first sight.

I source the diamond(s) and/or other gemstones from reputable diamond merchants based in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. After discussing your ideas, I bring in diamonds for you to view, with no obligation on you to purchase any of them. I base the choice of stone on your preferences and budget. I always endeavour to get the best possible size and quality of stone while working within your budget. I never up-sell you on anything. I give you the choice, and educate you about your choices, helping you to pick a stone in an informed manner. 

After a stone has been selected for the ring project, I further discuss your design ideas with you. Then I go to work on creating either a CAD generated, realistically rendered picture or a wax model prototype  (or, in many cases, both) for your inspection and approval, before we move to the next step, namely manufacturing.

I offer you various options for types of precious metals.  I work with all colours of gold, in different karat options and also specialize in platinum and palladium. Blends are available, such as 18K palladium white gold, or a superior blend - 19K white gold.

The entire process can take as little as three weeks or up to six weeks. This is dependant on your need for completion by a specific date, or the complexity of the design. There are a few variables here, but I always discuss these with you and keep you updated with the progress.

I have made a large array of engagement rings in my 21 years of international experience.  Some examples can be seen in the photographs at the bottom of this page or on the "Galleries" tab.  I also currently help other jewellery stores and manufacturers with developing jewellery for their clients.  

Before you think that all of this sounds unaffordable in terms of the exclusivity in design and services you are receiving, let me assure you that, to remain marketable, my pricing is competitive and very comparable to that of other jewellers catering to the same style and process of jewellery manufacturing.  The biggest difference between my operation and other designer jewellers is this: I perform the design myself, I create the piece myself. There is no middle man. Unlike other stores, I do not send out for CAD design or modelling. When you deal with me, you'll see that I am a regular guy that wears an apron and gets his hands dirty. 

I take pride in my ability to make this an enjoyable and easy process for you. There is no pressure and I'm an approachable person to deal with. Many of my past clients are now viewed as friends. I really enjoy meeting new people and creating new and unique engagement rings every time I sit down with a new client.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Some of your questions may already have been answered in the FAQ section.

A few of my creations. 
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