About Estimates
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About Estimates

If you are looking for an estimate on a custom jewellery piece, please feel free to schedule an appointment to come and discuss it with me.

This is a no charge consultation.  The reason that an actual consultation is needed is because there are many factors which must be taken into account when working out a price. It is very difficult to work out an accurate estimate without discussing details such as:
  • metal choice (purity and weight as well as the size of the object, which directly affects the cost)
  • gemstone choice, if applicable (type, size and quality)
  • complexity or simplicity of the design
  • if applicable, the weight and purity of metal from old jewellery provided by you, which is calculated as a credit to your overall cost.

Apart from the abovementioned parameters, there is also the daily fluctuation in the cost of metals and gemstones based primarily on the strength of the CDN$.  All of the materials used in creating jewellery are globally priced in US$.

As a rough guideline to establish if I am a possible fit for you, the list below will give you more of an insight as to what you can expect to pay. It is very wide open and subject to change with current market prices of materials and supplies. 

  • Gents wedding bands start at $1000
  • Ladies matching/fitted wedding bands start at  $900 without gemstones and $1300 with diamonds
  • Engagement rings start at $1500 without gemstones. 
  • Diamonds and other gemstones are sourced and quoted on according to very precise criteria, pertaining to budget or expectations.  If a client tells me what he wants to spend, I will source a list of choices which come within the budget. Or, if you tell me the exact size of diamond you're looking for and its specifications, I will provide a list of prices of what is available in that range. Your budget will determine the quality, or your specific requirements will determine the budget - in either case, I will give you valuable personal assistance based on my decades of experience in the industry.  If you are a serious potential client that values my services and expertise, and you would like to inspect a selection of stones, I can order them in for you to inspect at no charge or obligation.  Please, do not waste your time or mine by telling me what you want and what you personally think it is worth based on some prices that you have found online. This happens quite often and this is my open attempt to weed out the "deal makers".  I do not compete with online pricing. If you want a deal and you don't care about personal service and attention to detail, that is, if all you care about is the deal you are going to get, I am not the guy for you.  A google search will help you find your online deal elsewhere; I cannot give advice on the stone you want to purchase from these dealers.  
  • For other custom projects - it is hard to even create a base price. Sometimes a piece may cost $300 (if, for example, the client provides the materials). However, it is safe to say that I rarely produce any custom creation for less than $500.
If you care to read more about my philosophies pertaining to the subjects mentioned here; I will be posting blog articles on various topics which will include many real life examples. I may change the names of the characters used. 
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