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Contact Paul

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Phone : 613.482.1926  

I always reply to my emails, within the same day, if possible.  Bear in mind that my profession is hands-on, literally, so it is not always possible to immediately respond.  As I am always occupied with projects, I ask for your patience and forgiveness in the event of a delayed response. This delay could also be because I am thinking about your message and questions, and how best to respond. 

The operation times listed below are a loose guide to my general availability in the shop. I am usually here longer than the stated times, but please take note of the following two points:

1) For repairs, alterations, and modifications, such as ring sizing, chain repairs, eyeglass frame repairs, etc., an appointment is not necessary.  However, I do ask that you either email or call me first, to let me know that you will be coming in to drop off, or pick up a repair.  This will ensure that I can suggest a time when I am not already occupied in a consultation or out of the workshop running an errand.  If you let me know that you are coming to see me, we will be able to take the time needed to discuss the service required.  

2) Due to personal commitments, I am here at the studio on alternating Saturdays. Please refer to my always current schedule of availability to ensure that you don't drop by to find the lights off. 

If you are asking me to give you a quote via email, my reply will be the suggestion of an appointment time.  I do not give quotes or estimates by email.  The reasons why are explained to the best of my ability here.

If you want a few unsolicited reviews of me and my personality, please follow this link.

General Hours of Operation:

Monday               10am - 6pm
Tuesday              10am - 6pm
Wednesday         9am - 6pm
Thursday             9am - 5pm
Friday                  9am - 5pm
Saturday             Strictly By Appointment (Alternating Saturdays. See schedule.)
Sunday               Chore Day at Home. Aka Closed. 
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