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Donald Campbell
"Our first encounter with PBR Designs was in connection with my wife's engagement ring. A complete overhaul was required with the replacement of the claws on both the central sapphire and the diamond baguettes seated either side of it. Paul did not simply reset the stones and solder new claws to the existing posts, as other goldsmiths might have done. Paul replaced both the posts and claws in their entirety. Rather than merely clip the worn claws and solder new ends onto the existing posts, he removed each in its entirety and replaced them altogether. This pretty much guarantees greater strength and a longer lifespan for the ring. Moreover, the guage or thickness of the posts and claws he employed was greater with the result that the proportions of the whole ring are now much more pleasing.

I next asked Paul to design a pendant for my wife for Valentine's Day. I wanted the piece to incorporate a single large gemstone. Beyond that I didn't really know what I wanted. As I was so impressed with how he had handled the engagement ring refurbishment I wasn't the least concerned about not knowing what I wanted for the pendant. I merely gave him a budget and carte blanche in the design. Nor did he disappoint! Not only did he design a pendant that reflects altogether my wife's funky sense of style, but he wrought a fantastic setting for its centrepiece, a massive, stunning orange sapphire.

His current project for me is a casual ring, this time a birthday gift for my wife. On this occasion I provided the stone, and he provided the design. I have not yet seen the result, but I have every confidence it will surpass our every expectation."
Donald Campbell
Canada Post Corporation
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